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Shure SM7B with Anser Mod

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The SM7B is a legendary microphone known for its use in studio, podcast, and broadcast applications. While they are regularly seen being used for capturing vocal performances, they are also a stellar microphone on brass, drums, and even electric guitar. The one issue that engineers have had to battle with over the many years is the lower than normal output from these mics. Some high end preamps offer enough gain to get these microphones up to a usable level, but you end up raising the noise floor quite a bit.

Enter the Anser Mod. Designed by Truman Audio and installed by us, this mod adds +25dB of ultra clean gain by using active JFET circuitry powered via phantom power from a mic pre. It also replaces those shallow, hard to use stock switches with taller switches that can easily be switched with your fingers. The mod does not change the tone of the mic in anyway, it just lets you use the mic without having to max out the gain on your preamp!

What makes this mod different from all the other microphone activator options out there?
It's built straight into the microphone! This eliminates the need for extra cables or any kind of inline box.
Unlike other mic activators, this mod has a true bypass so you can easily turn it off if you want to use the mic as if it were stock. This mod is incredibly useful for any on-the-go musician who doesn't want to have to think about remembering to pack all those extra parts to get a good recording. Just grab your microphone and interface with phantom power and you are good to go.

Shure ships all SM7Bs in a boom arm orientation. This means if the mic is hung from a boom arm, the back plate will be right side up. However, while a lot of people hang these mics, a fair number of people hold these by hand or put them on a standard microphone stand. This would mean the backplate would appear upside down. Because a majority of our customers use their microphones hand held or on a stand, we flip the orientation of the mic by default. We call this hand held orientation.

Already own an SM7B/SM7A/SM7? 
We happily modify customer microphones all the time. Please send us a DM if you would like to send us your existing microphone for the mod.