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We have worked with many professional recording studios, educational instituations, and private home studios. Our attention to detail and tidy wiring is second to none. Check out some of the projects we have had the pleasure of being a part of.


Two patchbay system wired with all custom built cables by our custom shop.

Addiction Studios

24 Channel DL Cables

Chance Allen

EDAC/ELCO Panel for outboard gear

Eric Slick

Two patchbay setup and all wiring built in house

Kevin Skaff

EDAC/ELCO multipin I/O panels

Custom Build

32 channel stage box with EDAC/ELCO disconnect

Sean Trainor - The Hangar Studio

Two patchbay setup, all cabling built in house

Union University

16 channel tie line panel wired on-site

Client List

Andrew Masters - Producer/Mixer

Addiction Studios

Anthony Gravino - High Cross Sound

Colin Cunninham - Producer

Colt Capperune - Producer/Mixer

Derek Drye - The Dryes

Drop of Sun Studios

Eric Slick - Strange America

Garrett Derhofer - Sound Studio 412

Jack Shawde - Guitarist/Producer

Jeff Steiger - CAPI

Joe Rickard - Producer/Mixer

John Osborne - Brothers Osborne

Jon Siebels - Eve 6

Kevin Skaff - A Day To Remember

Lauren Daigle - Artist

Lij Shaw - The Toy Box Studio

Matt Ross-Spang - Southern Grooves Productions

Matt Yonker - Less Than Jake

Paul Wolff - Fix Audio Designs

Randy Kohrs - Slack Key Studio

Rick Carson - Make Believe Studios

Rick Rubin - Shangri La

Rob Caggiano - Volbeat

Savant Playback

Sean Trainor - The Hangar Studios

Union University

Vintage King

Zach Householder - Whitechapel

and many others