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NEMA 5-15P to triple IEC Splitter

Original price $21.99 - Original price $24.99
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$21.99 - $24.99
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Perfect for hooking up multiple pieces of gear to one outlet.

Do not plug more than the specified ampacity into this cord. Cord is rated for 13A at 125VAC.   


3ft cable is 3ft in total length. The main cable is 1ft and the fanout is 2ft.

6ft cable is 6ft in total length. The main cable is 4ft and the fanout is 2ft.

This power cord consists of a 5-15P male on one end and three C13 females on the other end. It is typically used on devices with multiple power supplies sharing one receptacle. These cables are constructed with UL mandated inner plastic frame molds to enhance terminal alignment and high quality molds. The connectors premium quality to ensure a snug fit into PDU receptacles. Each assembly is 100% continuity tested and 100% HVT (High Voltage) tested and inspected before shipping.

5-15Pc(UL)usC13c(UL)usC13c(UL)usC13c(UL)usCablec(UL)usISOISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000