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Custom Heat Shrink - Set of 100

Original price $50.00 - Original price $50.00
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$50.00 - $50.00
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Custom heat shrink is a great way to identify and mark your cables. 

Branded shrink is perfect for rental companies, churches, equipment retailers, or manufacturers. Let us help you make your cables stand out.

All heat shrink tubing will shrink lengthwise as well as its diameter; 2:1 shrink tubing will shrink one half of its nominal diameter and less than 7% of its length.

If you would like us to print on a shrink size not listed, have text in a special color, or have any special requests please reach out prior to purchase and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please allow 2-3 business days for us to process and print your order.

Please note that branded shrink is intended for use with new cables being built. If you intend to use custom heat shrink on cables with ends already on a the cable, you will likely need to de-solder one end to fit the shrink on the cable. 

Attention: Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, same colors may not exactly match between sizes, models and batches. Sizes given are approximate and will vary.