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by Bittree
Original price $1,799.10 - Original price $1,981.80
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$1,799.10 - $1,981.80
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Bittree® Front Selectable TT (Bantam) 969s Series Audio Patchbay in 1.5RU
• High-density 2x48 jack configuration with mono (even) jack spacing
• Selectable normalling and grounding:
- Circuits can be easily changed via shunts under both designation strips
• Digital AES wire used for internal wiring
• 1-48 left-to-right numbering on front panel for easy circuit identification
• 2 x DS800-10SA-ASSY designation strip assemblies, "Over/Under" orientation
• Mating hardware included with E3, E90, and ID (Punchdown) rear interfaces
• 6" (15.24 cm) deep rear lacing bar included with E3 rear interfaces:
- Alternative 3" (7.62 cm) deep lacing bar available

• Rear Interface – choose from four standard rear interfaces:
- E3 (3 pin ELCO connectors)
- DB25
- E90 (90 pin ELCO connectors)
• Normalling & Grounding – choose from three standard configurations or specify your own at checkout:
- Normalling – circuits can be programmed to full normal, half normal or non- normal
- Grounding – patchbays are supplied with switched grounds by default; circuits can be reprogrammed for bussed, isolated, or looped grounds
• Chassis Depth:
- 12" (30.48 cm) deep, fully enclosed
- 7" (17.78 cm) deep, fully enclosed

About Switched Grounds (Sleeve Normalling)
Patchbays with switched grounds feature an additional switching contact in every jack.
Grounds are lifted when patching, ensuring a proper grounding scheme is maintained, and ground loops, or earth loops, are avoided.