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CAPI 511 Filtered 500 Series Chassis DB25 I/O

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The CAPI 511 rack is a VPR compliant 11 slot rack that features filter circuitry. That means that the backplane behind slots 9-11 has electronic components to filter out the potential remnants of any noise from an outboard switch mode power supply.

This VPR version includes all 15-pin card edge connectors as well as a PC mount 5-pin Neutrik connector for the DC power inlet. Channels 1-8 in and out connections are made via DB25's and channels 9-11 are XLR. 

The 3RU enclosure once constructed, can house any and all modules that are 500 series compatible.


Unit includes

-Switch Mode Power Supply

-20x 4-40 phillips head screws for modules

-6ft IEC cable