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Anser Mod DIY kit for Shure SM7B

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What makes this mod different from all the other microphone activator options out there?
It's built straight into the microphone! This eliminates the need for extra cables or any kind of inline box.
Unlike other mic activators, this mod has a true bypass so you can easily turn it off if you want to use the mic as if it were stock. This mod is incredibly useful for any on-the-go musician who doesn't want to have to think about remembering to pack all those extra parts to get a good recording. Just grab your microphone and interface with phantom power and you are good to go.

What's in the kit?
You will receive a pre-assembled Anser PCB and backplate. The mod only requires you to solder six wires.

If you don't feel comfortable doing the mod or don't have the tools to do it, you can send us your SM7B for modification. Just send us an email and we can arrange that for you.