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CAPI 553F 500 Series EQ

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The 553F is a faithful recreation of the famous API 553 inductor EQ.

The 553F includes these great features:
-Input and output transforemers
-Inductor based circuitry
-3 band EQ (HF, MF, LF)
 HF - Shelving at 10kHz
 MF - Wide peaking filter at 2.5kHz
 LF - Shelving at 100Hz
-3 poll LPF with a -6/-12dB shelf switch (12kHz, 22kHz, 28kHz)
-3 poll LPF with a -6/-12dB shelf switch (30Hz, 70Hz, 110Hz)
-Circuitry bypass switch

All units are 100% VPR Alliance compliant.